Body Repair

Body Repair Systems

Autotrust uses Celette and Car-O-Liner chassis straightening equipment in order to cover as many applications as possible and to make our own independent decisions concerning the most suitable repair system per individual job.


Our Mercedes-Benz SA approval requires that all Mercedes-Benz products be repaired on a specifically approved straightening bench – namely the Celette, which is an import from France. Celette is also approved by Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

What makes Celette equipment different from the others is its zero tolerance – it uses the original jig location holes that the car was manufactured with.  It also replicates the tooling jig that the car is built on. Another unique aspect of Celette is that they’re the only manufacturer of chassis repair that uses the chassis manufacturer’s blueprints when developing its jigs.  Pins are inserted so it is a go/no-go gauge, i.e. right or wrong.

A before and after repair printout is obtained through the Latest 3D Naja Measuring system.


Our Car-O-Liner collision repair system consists of a bench rack that allows faster set-up times for repairs and inspections; and a Speed Bench, which allows for quick and cost effective repairs of the cosmetic bodywork damage. We also use their Truck Clamping and Support System for the anchoring and repairing of trucks, pick-ups and SUVs.

All of our equipment is measured and operated with a Car-O-Vision photo-based electronic measuring system. This gives us at Autotrust the ability to measure any point while monitoring the pulling process.

The Celette body repair system
The Celette body repair system