Auto Accreditation

Auto Accreditation to confirm that we comply with all the repair methods and standards as set out by the Motor Manufacturer. We get audited yearly to confirm that these standards are met and to ensure that the correct specified equipment is used. Staff members also receive regular training as new motor vehicle models are introduced in the market.

South African Motor Repairer's Association (SAMBRA)

Autotrust is SAMBRA certified and approved as a Major Structural Repairer, which is the highest obtainable status in the automotive repair industry.

Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI)

At Autotrust, we are also RMI accredited.

Mercedes-Benz SA

Mercedes Benz SA manufacturers and distributors of Mercedes Benz products have approved Autotrust as a leading automotive repair centre.

As long as Mercedes Benz SA is liable for the warranty of their vehicles and contribute to the maintenance thereof, their Port Elizabeth customers are encouraged to have their vehicles repaired by Autotrust. Should the owner of a Mercedes Benz fail to do so, it could negatively affect the vehicle’s Warranty and Maintenance Contract.

Jaguar Land Rover

Autotrust is proud to be approved by Jaguar Land Rover and be their number 1 choice for vehicle body repairs. Our Jaguar Land Rover approval covers the whole of the Eastern Cape.

Volkswagen and Audi SA

Volkswagen SA has approved Autotrust as a main member of its authorised panel of automotive repair facilities in the Nelson Mandela Metropole.

Autotrust is also Audi SA approved.


Fiat Chrysler Alfa has also approved Autotrust as the only repairer in the Eastern Cape to repair their brands i.e. Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Chrsyler, Abarth and Jeep.

Aluminium Repair Shop

We are the only vehicle body repair shop in the whole of South Africa that has its own stand-alone aluminium repair shop for high-end vehicles with aluminium parts.

Our Accreditations

Audi   Alfa Romeo   Abarth   Cadillac
Chevrolet   Chrysler   Dodge   Fiat
Ford   Geely   Honda   Hummer
Isuzu   Jaguar   Jeep   Land Rover
Lexus   Maybach   Mazda   Mercedes Benz
Mitsubishi   Renault   SAAB   SEAT
Smart   Subaru   Toyota   Volswagen

Autotrust is the sole approved repairer in the Eastern Cape for the following:

We also do business with all the major insurance companies.